03.09.2015 ‘Green globe’ artichoke growing in a planter out front.

Never Enough Dirt is a blog cataloging the passion that is “gardening.” This passion is rooted in the appreciation and wonderment of nature in all her forms– from her physical beauty to how her many systems interact and coexist. Gardening is a first hand way to experience and share her from the comfort of our doorsteps.  With that, I welcome you to my gardens.

(About me) in short:
Nature enthusiast, photographer, theorist, “Stay at home, Dad,” and former information technology (desktop support) manager with a formal background in economics.

My gardening background:
One can say that gardening is in my blood. Both of my parents garden. Each had their preference. My late father was a practical man and so he always preferred to grow plants that produced fruits, herbs, and vegetables. My mother, on the other hand, enjoys the beauty found in the flowers that she grows. You have probably guessed it by now, I love to grow them all. If only there is enough dirt to work.

When my gardening took off:
In 2009, I moved to a place that allowed my gardening interest to flourish into a passion. With a yard (albeit small), I was able to grow some vegetables and flowers.  Before then, I did not really have dirt of my own to grow more than a couple of plants. The yard I had access to was already crowded and claimed by my parents. The little patch that I was able to wrestle away, I used to grow okra.

Atlas holding watermelon
Sugarbaby watermelon harvest. 2015.

When I moved again in 2012, the new place came with an even larger yard! With more dirt to work, my gardening really took off. It was not long before I discovered that there is never enough dirt to grow all the things that I want to grow. In this process it was quickly discovered that as we become seasoned gardeners, we will probably share in common this sentiment whether our garden is located in a room, a balcony, patio, on an urban backyard, a community garden, homestead, or farm.

USDA Zone 10b / Southern California / USA

brian at neverenoughdirt dot com

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