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Tea & Me: EP2. Different Ways to Enjoy Tea

In this mini series I share with you my experience as I reacquaint myself with gongfu brewing of Dan Cong tea.

In this episode we’ll look at and talk about the many different ways tea is enjoyed. In the next episode we’ll gong fu brew dan cong tea. Before we do that, we’ll use this episode to highlight that while tea ranges in price and “quality,” there is not one that is better than the other. Rather, they are unique from one another and their characteristics play a role in how they are enjoyed.

The Last Episode of 2016

Other than why I keep saying, “stretch out our feet” instead of “stretch our legs,” 2016 has been a great year. In our final episode of the year we will talk about:
The Weather, Highlights of 2016, & Things To Look Forward To In 2017.

Thanks for taking part in our productive year! Everyone have a wonderful NYE and Happy 2017!

Carving A Homegrown Pumpkin Into A Jack-O-Lantern

Our “pumpkin patch” did not turn over very big nor many pumpkins. However, we did get a small one to carve nonetheless. Today, we help our homegrown pumpkin fulfill its destiny.

8:01 Pumpkin carving tool review for:
Warren Cutlery Pro Pumpkin Carving Set (

HARVESTING: Purple Potatoes

The purple potatoes are sharing a container with a watermelon plant. With the watermelon finally ready to go, we can dig for our purple potatoes.

The watermelon harvested is a ‘Mountain Yellow Sweet’ watermelon.

Resowing Fall Crops. Thanks, Opossum or Skunk

It is that time of year when the grubs get fatter and juicer. The opossums and skunks know this too. This is the time when you usually find your lawn or garden dug up by these creatures of the night.

On the one hand, they help to aerate the soil and rid of plant harming grubs. On the other, they tend to disturb the plants and seedlings in the process. *sigh*

Preparations for Fall / Cool Season Crops

September is the unofficial end of Summer; and the beginning of the Fall growing season. To prepare, we clear out old plants, work the soil, sow seeds, and other things.

In the bonus segment at the end, we show part of our recent visit to the Glendora Gardens (nursery) in Glendora, CA.


Blog Exclusive Video: Trade Winds Fruit Seed Purchase

September 1, 2016

Per Navin @ Sacred Plants, Trade Winds Fruit carries true Kapoor under “Holy Basil,” Spice basil is true ocimum canum.
These particular seeds were sought out to grow in order to compare and determine whether our ‘Kapoor’ plants are true.

These other seeds were added to meet the minimum for free shipping. With many of the seeds having been on the wish list.

NED Gardens Across America — Episode 7

Kirlangic melon harvest and taste test. From three plants, we are seeing four melons. The first of the melon has turned a beautiful bright orange that reminds me of Tabby cats.
Reviews of the Kirlangic or Tiger melons have been mixed when it comes to taste. Most report a fruit that lacks sweetness. While others have advised that the fruit needs time to ripen. Impatient and using the fruit falling off the vine as a sign, I decided to give it a taste test.

Other things going on for the project is the disappointment with how the watermelon are coming along. In the learn by doing process, much has been learned about growing watermelon. This is the first experience with watermelon developing into a non symmetric shape. From this experience, we learn that we want to keep symmetrically shaped melons.

The Powder Star pole beans have turn to seed and we will have a good number to return to the project. Elsewhere and not feature, the beans are growing and producing well. Next up we wait on the Abigail’s Coffee okra.

My Prize Arrived + How I Water On A Slope

Entering a photo contest on Instagram, I was surprised to learn that my photo entry won. If you will like to help to win another photo contest, please vote daily until the end of the month at
The prize is a $25 Botanical Interests gift certificate. If we win, we can all help pick out the seeds and I will plant them.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read further if you would rather see what the prize is.

The prize is a GrowOya MEDIUM size 3-liter olla with a 3×3-feet coverage. Ollas are un-glazed terracotta containers that hold liquids. When filled with water and partially bury in the ground, water seeps from the porous terracotta and provide water to plants as they need it. It is an ancient watering technique that is said to have gone as far back as early agricultural China. This is also said to be a more efficient form of watering.

Thanks again, GrowOya!!


This video is not sponsored by GrowOya or any of their retailers.