Browse Month: November 2016

Landscaping’s Impact on Home Energy / Heating + Cooling

A home and garden episode briefly covering the prospect of using landscape to help with heating and cooling of the home. Landscape can be utilized differently depending on season and location to have either a cooling or warming affect on the temperatures inside the house. Or man made structures can be built to be used in conjunction.

HARVESTING: Heirloom French Breakfast Radish

Radishes grow quickly and with relative ease; making them one of the more fun vegetables to grow. Of the different types of radishes, the ‘French Breakfast’ variety is probably the fastest to mature.

Radishes form best during the cooler months of the year. Warm months, on the other hand, tend to encourage leafy growth and seed production at the cost of tuber formation.

Ginger & Galangal Dig

Still trying our hand at growing ginger and its cousins. Curious about how the rhizomes will look, we go digging for them. Today, we dig up ginger and galangal. We will also look at some turmeric and cardamom plants.

Will Brake For Nurseries

Traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway between Monterey Bay and Cupertino, a native plant nursery sign was spotted. A u-turn was made and a long dirt road was traversed to reach the nursery in hopes of finding a rare-to-nursery plant. Though it was not found, we did not walk away empty-handed.

In this video, we’ll see our collection of Manzanita plants.
‘Howard McMillan’
‘Pacific Mist’
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery
1957B Highway 1, Moss Landing CA 95039

Garden Update: the Under the Weather Episode

We are at the beginning of cold and flu season. Who would have thought that I would be first one hit. Time to hit back with some tried and true remedies. Today, we forage for chicken noodle soup ingredients and take a look at what’s growing on in the raised planters.

We’ll also talk a little bit about Utah Tall celery and how to blanch them.

Permaculture Raised Planter for Strawberries

Strawberry plants seem a lot more tolerable than they are. Once it is discovered what they like, they will produce year after year. We are putting more effort in making them happy in hopes of being able to achieving perpetual strawberry growth.

One of the things that strawberries like is well draining soil. Today, we will build a raised planter to improve drainage and move them in.