Affiliate & Appearances

I am proud to be an affiliate of the following businesses whose products I use and recommend. Your use of an affiliate link or discount code will support our content creation.

Ferry Morse
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When I started gardening long ago in my teens, I remember going down to the local hardware store and purchasing some Ferry Morse seed packets. To this day, I still purchase seeds and supplies from Ferry Morse from the local home improvement store. I have always liked that their products can be purchased by a kid with a bike and some saved up money. Nowadays, a kid can do both– purchase in store or online.

Media Appearances / Features

John Kohler / Growing Your Greens
John is YouTube’s earliest gardening and health foods masters. When he reached about visiting my garden, I initially thought that it was some type of impersonation scam. I eventually accepted that it was the real John Kohler reaching out to me. He came over and I was his camera man while he gave a tour of my garden. At the end we sat down in front of the camera and chatted a little. Off camera, he encouraged me to make more videos. Being a big critic of myself and my videos, it was great to hear his words of encouragement.

Epic Gardening Podcast
As it was mentioned above, I was invited to be a guest of the podcast. Kevin and I talked about some the things that I enjoy about being outside in my garden: Ducks in the garden, Planting small and in succession, Growing with children, Edibles in landscaping, Citrus & California History, Permaculture in California, Time traveling through heirlooms.

Burpee Gardening Gardeners of the Year 2020
Burpee is another seed company that I have been a long time costumer of. I was selected in a contest to be one of 12 Burpee Gardening Gardeners of the Year. I was the October feature. It was a great opportunity to share what my gardening style is. The blog content can be found:

High Mowing Organic Seeds
In response to the pandemic, High Mowing Organic Seeds, asked me to be in a feature about resilience for their 2021 seed catalog and blog. It was an opportunity to share a little bit about the serious side of my growing of food.

Bootstrap Farmer
#meetagrower is Bootstrap Farmer’s weekend feature of food growers of all calibers– from professional farmers to home growers. As a happy and repeat customer, it was very nice to have been asked to be a part of this feature. Bootstrap Farmer sells growing supplies to farmers and larger scale growing. For the amount of food that we are trying to grow, I often look at what practices and supplies the professionals use and then scaling things down. Bootstrap Farmer also supply smaller quantities for home growers and enthusiast.

Product Testing

Gardener's Supply Company (2018 to Present)
Is a B-Corporation, employee owned company, customer oriented business that supplies a wide range of gardening related products. 

Leatherman (2021 to Present)
The best multitool in terms of build quality, functionality, and joy to use is a Leatherman Made in USA tool. As backyard gardener, plant enthusiast, pet owner, camper, hiker, DIY, offroad explorer, and a dad who helps his kids take toys out of their packages and install batteries, I enjoy using my Leatherman multitools in these areas. As a product tester, I provide feedback on the development of new products. I also hope to steer the development process towards tools geared specifically for gardeners.