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Meet my water chicken

IMG_8048_1Meet “Roc,” the red oscar cichlid. He is the latest Garden Pals member; and eats like a very hungry caterpillar. In fact, his favorite snacks are very hungry caterpillars. A very eager feeder, he wastes no time waiting for his meals to hit the water. Often he will leap out of the water and help himself. (See video below.)






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Asiatic Lily planting

Asiatic lily (lilium). There is great enjoyment from growing one of my wife’s favorite flowers for her. With 30 bulbs to plant, it is going to be a challenge to find a place for them. Time is also another factor. Usually, lunch is made during my kid’s nap. Today, I postponed lunch and got to work as quickly as I can. On a good day, I may have a three hour window.


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