February 19th, 2015: seed starting

Seed starting 02/19/2015
Seed starting 02/19/2015

The weather has warmed up for a couple of weeks now. Night temperatures have not fallen below 60 degrees. Now there is finally time to start more seeds. While it does not look time consuming, it was a bit of a surprise that this took a over an hour to do. One of the tasks was mixing up the 50/50 soil mixture of clay and peat moss. Then filling up the containers.For the count, there are:
6x Roma tomatoes
2x Black Prince tomatotes
2x Beefsteak tomatoes
2x Mortgage lifter tomatoes
x German chamomile
x Wild Zaatar Oregano
1x Moringa olelfera
3x Green globe artichoke (finishing out the seed pack)
2x Thai Lavender Frog Egg eggplant
2x Thai Chao Praya eggplant
2x Bangladeski Long eggplant

corel gladiolus bulbils
corel gladiolus bulbils


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