Fall 2015

For this gardener, fall is a somber of time year. The season signals the end of the growing year. There are less flowers blooming and less fruits and vegetables to pick. Things appear to slow down a bit in the gardens. On the contrary, fall can be full of hustle and bustle. Fall is the season when bulbs are planted. It is also a great time to “spring clean.”

IMG_1210_r The Front Garden is a bit grown in and is in need of some landscaping.

IMG_1214_rThe daylilies been growing happily for a couple of years now. They need to be divided in order to remain happy.

IMG_1218_rThe lavender could use a trim.

IMG_1223_rThe  ‘Kapoor’ tulsi (holy basil) was planted after the garlic was vacated. The tulsi is giving its spot up now that the garlic needs its spot back.IMG_1226_r‘Chesnok Red’ hardneck garlic are being planted. But first, some compost is added to the soil.

IMG_1227_rThe ‘Pardon Me’ daylily need to be divided.

IMG_1229_rBeing a little conservative, I decided to divide them in half.

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