NED Gardens Across America — Episode 5

During the usual up-before-the-bees morning garden stroll, a female Xiyuan Sweet watermelon blossom was spotted. A corresponding male flower was located on a nearby plant and hand pollination ensued. Because the goal of this project is to seed save, the pollinated blossom is later wrapped in order to guard against cross-pollination by means of wind or insects.

During this exercise, we see that the Abigail’s Coffee okra is doing well. To our surprise, we discovered an okra sprout. Sowed in Episode 1 and talked about in subsequent episodes as sprouting failure, it popped out of the soil to let us know that it was down but not out.

Not to be out done, the Kirlangic melon shot out a female blossom for us to get excited about. The Powder Star beans, meanwhile, continued on with their pole dancing. This is a family show; as such they were not featured.

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