Praying Mantis Hunts House Fly

The mimicry attribute of the praying mantis is not often talked about. In this video, we observe it using mimicry to stalk and hunt a house fly. The amount of patience practiced is reflected in the length in which it took the praying mantis to complete the hunt. The video picks up on a hunt that had already been in progress. The video records the hunt in its entirety. The mantis’ movements can be observed when the breeze moves the bramble.
To skip ahead, these are the interesting parts.
9:10 a strong breeze moves the bramble and the mantis finds the opportunity to move closer to the fly.
12:23 another breeze and another move closer.
13:01 another breeze, another move closer, and the final foot placement
14:47 the sun is setting. movement is now extension of body
23:40 with body extended and prey withing grasp, mantis makes the final grab.

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