FROM THE GARDEN: Wasabi Potato Salad

With red potatoes from a recent harvest, we turn them into a delicious potato salad with skin on. This recipe is a little special. It came by way of our Instagram friend, @lola_hoya.

Red potatoes have a low starch content. This quality in turn helps cooked potato hold their form better. As such, they are perfect for making potato salad with because the mixing in the preparation can sometimes turn many other types of potato into mush.

Recipe by @lola_hoya (IG)
6 regular medium size of your favorite potatoes, boiled and cubed. 8 boiled eggs, chopped.
1/2 cup diced Maui or sweet onions.
1 heaping teaspoon wasabi. (More if you prefer it hot)
1 cup mayonnaise (adjust the volume according to your liking) salt and pepper to taste.
Optional: a hint of whole grain mustard.
Mix together, chill and Bon appetite!!!

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