Red Potato Harvest

Potatoes are relative inexpensive and available pretty much all year round. They are not very exciting plants to grow as a result. Especially when there is limited growing area in the garden.

On the flip side, potatoes can be grown with minimum effort. They have been incorporated into the front yard landscape and grown along the side walk. Planted and walking away until the plants dry, they have yielded humble amounts of potato.

One of the curiosities that I wanted to satisfy was to see how big and how many potatoes would be returned if a little more effort was put into growing them. The only effort that I was willing to spare was the labor of mounding the plants as they grow.

From a frugal and practical stand point, to fertilize or purchase amendment would likely cost more in the end than purchasing potatoes from the market.

These red potatoes were grown from potatoes that were originally purchased from the market.

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