UPDATE: Russian Comfrey #14 From Root Cutting

The root cutting (Russian Comfrey Bocking #14) of almost an inch was planted July 16th. Two weeks later, we see its sprouts!

As a practical / frugal / permaculture gardener, comfrey is being sought out a source of low cost fertilizer. In addition, one hopes that with its deep tap roots; comfrey can mine the minerals that most crop plants would not otherwise be able to get to.

Comfrey is reported to have many special properties. It has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy. However, the property we are most interested as gardeners is its “green manure” attribute. Unlike most compost material, comfrey works pretty much right away to improve soil. With most green and brown waste, they draw nitrogen from the soil as they break down; and the breaking down process can take weeks.

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