Browse Month: January 2017

Harvest for Lunch — January 10th, 2017

Another demonstration video of a garden in action. In the late morning we head to our garden to forage for shallots, green onions, bok choy, cilantro, and ‘French Breakfast’ radishes. While not a large harvest, it is just enough to provide nourishment.

Thanks, Leif, for Seeds + My Fav Seed Companies

January is when many gardeners are perusing seed catalogs. In this video, I share my favorite seed companies and what I like about each.

But first, I want to thank Leif, a regular viewer, for sending us a special package of seeds for us to grow out together. Leif, Thank you for your thoughtful and generous gift. Much appreciated.

Christmas Tree Recycling + Blueberry Bush Transplant

The clearance section is a fun place to shop. More often than not the plants found there turn out to be gems. Like the one found back in Fall of 2013. It was when we scored a ‘Sunshine Blue’ blueberry bush on clearance for 8 bucks. Ever since, the bush has produced and produced.

Now comes the nerve wrecking moment when we finally set it in the ground.

NED Gardens Across America — Finale

The finale to our participation in the Gardens Across America Project– a seed saving / seed awareness project. For the project we were able to send back seeds of: ‘Powder Star’ pole bean, ‘Kirlangic’ or ‘Tiger’ melon, ‘Abigail’s Coffee’ okra, and ‘Yixuan Sweet’ watermelon.

Gardening Gear: EP.2 Digging Tools

In the previous video we looked at a few tools for new gardeners. After some initial gardening you’re probably ready to get some serious work done. Often times that involves moving some earth. In this episode we look at a couple of common and iconic digging tools. In addition, we will look at a gardening tool that is less iconic and very fun to use– a drain spade.

Like the hand mattock, the idea to try out a drain spade came from watching professional landscapers using them.

The Last Episode of 2016

Other than why I keep saying, “stretch out our feet” instead of “stretch our legs,” 2016 has been a great year. In our final episode of the year we will talk about:
The Weather, Highlights of 2016, & Things To Look Forward To In 2017.

Thanks for taking part in our productive year! Everyone have a wonderful NYE and Happy 2017!