Transplanting Blood Banana & Propagating Variegated Sage

One of the fun things about going out to the farmers’ market, nursery, or garden center is the mystery of what you would find. On one outing, a sage with variegated mutation was spotted. It was a plant that I had to have. I asked about the price and it was just around the price for a good burger with fries and a drink. I am glad it was not more because I may have gone for it regardless.

Mutations do not happen all the time and it is rare to me to find variegated mutation on garden sage. With the plant, I will definitely want to isolate out the mutation and propagate a new plant from it.

The second newest plant is a blood banana (musa zubrina). It is a dwarf (growing no taller than 8-feet) ornamental banana. This particular plant is one of the more healthier and nicer looking ones I have seen. I did not take it home right away.

It did not feel completely right that I would spend as much as a fruit tree for a plant that is mostly ornamental. After sleeping on it, I just went ahead and did it.

Banana plants have been lower on my list of plants to get. It seems that the fruit are relatively inexpensive. Lately, I have gotten the itch to get a banana plant. That from seeing my brother and others grow banana.

This banana is from wild dwarf bananas that are native to Sumatra, Indonesia.

Also in this video we will see Maiden of Orleans and Mysore Mulli jasmine flowers. (jasmine sambac).

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