NED Gardens Across America — Episode 7

Kirlangic melon harvest and taste test. From three plants, we are seeing four melons. The first of the melon has turned a beautiful bright orange that reminds me of Tabby cats.
Reviews of the Kirlangic or Tiger melons have been mixed when it comes to taste. Most report a fruit that lacks sweetness. While others have advised that the fruit needs time to ripen. Impatient and using the fruit falling off the vine as a sign, I decided to give it a taste test.

Other things going on for the project is the disappointment with how the watermelon are coming along. In the learn by doing process, much has been learned about growing watermelon. This is the first experience with watermelon developing into a non symmetric shape. From this experience, we learn that we want to keep symmetrically shaped melons.

The Powder Star pole beans have turn to seed and we will have a good number to return to the project. Elsewhere and not feature, the beans are growing and producing well. Next up we wait on the Abigail’s Coffee okra.

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