My Prize Arrived + How I Water On A Slope

Entering a photo contest on Instagram, I was surprised to learn that my photo entry won. If you will like to help to win another photo contest, please vote daily until the end of the month at
The prize is a $25 Botanical Interests gift certificate. If we win, we can all help pick out the seeds and I will plant them.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Do not read further if you would rather see what the prize is.

The prize is a GrowOya MEDIUM size 3-liter olla with a 3×3-feet coverage. Ollas are un-glazed terracotta containers that hold liquids. When filled with water and partially bury in the ground, water seeps from the porous terracotta and provide water to plants as they need it. It is an ancient watering technique that is said to have gone as far back as early agricultural China. This is also said to be a more efficient form of watering.

Thanks again, GrowOya!!


This video is not sponsored by GrowOya or any of their retailers.

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